My Homeschooling Splurge

Homeschoolers love to network. Despite what many think of homeschooling as isolated and solitary, the truth is quite the opposite. Thanks to the rise of social media, homeschoolers can now network effortlessly across geographic barriers. On one of the social media sites in which I participate, I saw an intriguing entry. The question was posed, “What fun curricula are you purchasing for your homeschool this year?” Immediately I knew my answer!

This year our family has purchased a gym membership. It’s a splurge for us because, as is true for many homeschoolers, we are a large family and a per-person membership fee can add up quickly. However, this particular gym has all of the “usuals,” but it also has classes that are family friendly and trainers on site. We’ve found this to be an excellent addition to our homeschooling curricula because of this.

Not only do we have P.E. covered this way, but we are having a lot of fun in the process. I don’t have to make up my own routines, and I don’t become the task-master for running in place or doing sit-ups. Someone else does it for us, and we all get to “suffer” together. There is nothing like having a group class in dance-exercise to make even the most stoic child giggle at seeing their mom try to salsa, keep the beat, and remember which direction the group is moving, all at the same time. We have even added new words into our family vocabulary that help to build a bond between us. For instance, “Team Dan” can be seen at the gym regularly on Wednesdays, but if anyone talks back, it’s extra “plank time” for them!

Originally, we didn’t foresee the benefits that we are experiencing. We only knew that we needed to get more active and this seemed like a good idea. But, it’s made P.E. fun. It’s increased our physical condition, but also our mental condition.

But that’s just my way of adding some fun into our homeschool program. Fun is good, and better when done with my family. Those bonds go well beyond the subject of P.E. or anything else. So that’s my fun homeschooling splurge this year. What’s yours?