Outdoor Digital Signage – Location and Protection

There has been a rise in the number of outdoor screens being erected for use in advertising and promotion. Digital signage is a natural extension to indoor digital advertising but you can’t simply take an indoor screen outdoors. First it needs protecting, and then the right location needs to be found.

There are several reasons why advertisers and retailers are turning to outdoor digital signage. Firstly, the audience figures in outdoor locations are far higher than those indoors. For retailers in particular, this means enabling them to communicate with people traveling around the high street and not just those in their stores or shopping malls.

Secondly, the effectiveness of outdoor digital signage out-matches indoor screens as there is far less competition around. Outdoor screens are more noticeable as there is less digital competition to draw the eye.

Finally, it is effective 24 hours a day, even when the stores and malls are closed the screens can still be used to relay adverts and promotions – indeed, one of the great advantages of outdoor digital signage is its effectiveness at night-time advertising being as it is self-illuminating.

One of the biggest challenges to moving to outdoor digital signage is finding the right location. And there is much to consider when looking for the perfect site for your display as the right location has different prerequisites to indoor locations.

Outdoor digital signage is viewing differently to indoor displays. Because of the cold and the way people walk about the high street, there is less view time for an outdoor screen. People are less observant when outdoors too, not having the time or desire to look around.

This all means that an outdoor digital signage display has to be sited in the most prominent location possible. Eye-level is the desire height for an outdoor display, but if this can’t be achieved then the screen should be angled so as to face the approaching eye-line of the audience.

Screens should never be placed too high, such as suspended from ceilings as they can all too often go unnoticed with your audience walking underneath and not noticing the content. Screens flush against a wall can also go unnoticed, so any outdoor digital display needs to be as prominent as possible.

Another primary challenge of using outdoor digital signage is the protection that the screen needs for it to function in outdoor locations. Any outdoor display needs to be weatherproof but there is more to that than just ensuring the display is resistant to water. Temperature has to be considered too, especially if bright sunlight causes high ambient temperatures, or if it plummets to below zero. Both of these extremes have to be catered for otherwise the screen could overheat – or freeze.

Physical protection needs also to be considered as most outdoor digital signage is left unsupervised and can therefore fall foul of vandals or thieves.

Steel outdoor LCD enclosures are the perfect outdoor protection for LCD type displays as they provide all the requisite protection: weatherproofing, temperature control and physical protection. LCD enclosures enable any off-the-shelf LCD TV to be taken outside and used as outdoor digital signage and are a cost effective and efficient means of outdoor TV protection.